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A simple Python CMS

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Pyplate is a simple CMS written in Python.

  • Portable

    Runs on Apache or Nginx, or a Python web server

  • SQL

    Uses SQLite database - MySQL support in development

  • Fast

    Generates static pages for fast page load times

  • SEO friendly

    Meta data and human readable URLs make it easier for Google to find your site.



Sites built with Pyplate

Apart from this site, I've built several other sites with Pyplate:



Get an overview of how Pyplate works

How does Pyplate work?

A brief overview of the way Pyplate generates pages

Themes, Layouts and Templates

Pyplate uses themes, layouts and templates to control how pages are displayed.

How does Pyplate store content?

Pyplate stores posts in the the content directory, and caches pages in the web root directory.

Pyplate's Database

A description of the tables used in Pyplate's database.

Site Navigation

Pyplate has several features for aiding site navigation.


How-to information for Pyplate

Add a Category

Use categories to organize the pages on your Pyplate site.

Add a Page

How to add pages to your Pyplate site.

Edit Templates and Layouts

How to edit templates and layouts in Pyplate

Manage Backups

How to manage backups in Pyplate

Add comments to your site

How to add Disqus or Facebook comments to your site.

Add sharing buttons to your site

How to add social sharing buttons to your site

Manage the page cache

manage page caching and static pages in Pyplate

Add images to your site

How to add images to your site using the CKEditor and Lightbox

Import and export the database

Export and import the database to and from XML files

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