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Development Status

Pyplate is currently in beta testing.  It's quite usable, and it's very reliable.  Pyplate has enough features to build simple web sites and manage them efficiently.


The following features need to be added/completed before Pyplate can be fully released:

  • improve user management
  • add support for plugins
  • develop themes for different types of site
  • develop utilities for managing Pyplate sites
  • test Pyplate in Lighttpd
  • add support for MySQL

Change Log

Pyplate v0.12
July 9, 2014

Changes made in this release:

  • Pyplate now uses the WSGI server interface instead of CGI for improved performance
  • Several security fixes have been added
  • Pyplate includes a simple Python webserver that's very easy to set up.


Pyplate v0.11
May 13, 2014

Changes made in this release:

  • posts can now be saved to drafts before they are published
  • the contents of the database can now be exported/imported to/from XML files
  • different themes and layouts can be applied to different pages and categories
  • Youtube videos can be embedded in posts
  • added four new themes

Pyplate v0.10
April 21, 2014

Changes made in this release:

  • two more themes are now included with Pyplate
  • fixed bug in .htaccess file in /usr/share/pyplate/webroot
  • added download/delete/restore buttons to backup page in the admin area
  • added page with fine grain cache controls to th eadmin area
  • added a page in the admin area for comments and sharing templates
  • image Lightbox integrated with CKEditor so that Lightbox can be applied to images from the style menu
  • fixed a bug in the UI where some fields couldn't be left blank
  • fixed a bug where parts of the dashboard are visible to users who aren't logged in

The following versions have been developed:

  • v0.09 - added support for Nginx
  • v0.08 - added CKEditor to editor page, added a page to change the admin password
  • v0.07 - cleaned up code
  • v0.06 - improved the backend
  • v0.05 - added support for an SQLite database
  • v0.04 - developed a selection of widgets
  • v0.03 - added layouts and inline css
  • v0.02 - improved page caching
  • v0.01 - re-wrote the CMS in Python and added an XML flat database
  • v0.00 - 80 line bash script

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