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Add a Category

Grouping pages into categories makes it easier for people to navigate around a web site and find the content that they're interested in.  Before you add any posts to a new web site, it's a good idea to decide how you're going to categorize them.  To add a new category to your site, go to the admin area and click on 'Add a Category'.  

Fill in the category name, and choose a slug.  The slug is a word or phrase that will be used to represent your category in URLs.  The slug will also be used as the name of a directory in the Pyplate content directory.  Apart from letters and numbers, only the following symbols can be used in the slug: - _ .

Aim to use a slug and title that contain relevant keywords, as this will make it easier for search engines to see what this category is about.

Choose a parent category.  Your new category will be created inside the parent category. Choose the slug and parent category carefully - once you've saved a category it can't be moved.

Fill in the tags field with keywords that are relevant to the category that you're creating, and fill in the description field with one or two sentences describing what this category is about. When users view a page that lists all the posts in a category, the tags will be embedded in that page as meta keywords, and the description will be used as the meta description.

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