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Add comments to your site

Comments increase engagement with your audience.  They allow people to ask questions and make suggestions, and they give users a reason to stay on your site for longer.  Pyplate doesn't have support for comments built-in, but you can add a comments plug-in.

There are companies that provide comments solutions which store comments in their database, and use a Javascript plugin to display them on your site.  Disqus have a popular comments plugin which I use on my Raspberry Pi site.  

Install Disqus comments

Create an account on, where you will be given a few lines of HTML code that you can add to your web site.  This code needs to be added to the comments template on the Comments and Sharing page in the admin area.  

On, click on the link that says 'For websites', and then click on the button to 'Add Disqus to Your Site'.  Create an account and fill in the form.  When you're done, you should be presented with a piece of code that you can copy.  Go to the Comments and Sharing page in the admin area, and paste the code in the template:

Make sure the Enable Comments box is checked, and click the save button.

In /usr/lib/cgi-bin/, look for a function called getPost, and uncomment the line near the end that creates a permalink to this page:

post_str += "<br><a href=\"{0}\">Comments</a>".format(post)

A popular alternative is Facebook's comments plugin.  If you use Facebook comments, you need to add two pieces of code.  The first one can be placed in the banner section on the site settings page.  The second piece needs to be placed in the comment template.

If you're using page caching, you'll need to clear or rebuild the cache in order to see any changes on your site.

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