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Add sharing buttons to your site

Add sharing buttons to your site's templateSharing buttons make it easy for people to share links to your site on social networks.  This is a great way to increase the number of visitors that your site gets from social networking sites.

Sites like AddThis or ShareThis can be used to generate a few lines of HTML amd Javascript code that can be embedded in a web page to display sharing buttons.  When people view your site in a browser, the buttons will be loaded from another site and embedded in your page.

Get the code

Create an account on or, and look for a button that says 'Get the code'.  You need to set some basic options so that the code will be generated to suit your needs.  First, you need to choose the type of site - choose 'Button for website' or 'basic HTML'.  Next you need to choose the style and format of your buttons.

With ShareThis you'll be given two pieces of code.  The first one needs to be placed in the head section on the Site Settings page in the Pyplate admin area.  The second one needs to be saved in the sharing template on the Comments and Sharing page.  AddThis provide one piece of code which needs to be saved in the sharing template.

Individual social networks provide their own buttons:

Getting each button individually means you have more control over the way they are displayed.

If you're using page caching, you'll need to clear or rebuild the cache in order to see any changes on your site.

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