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Import and export the database

The Import/Export page in the admin area can be used to export the database to a pair of XML files.  These files are named postindex.xml and categoryindex.xml, and they are stored in /usr/share/pyplate/database.  Once the database has been exported, you can view the XML files in a text editor.  You can edit fields in the XML files and import them into the database.  

When data is imported from the XML files, Pyplate uses the path field to identify records.  It looks at the path in each XML record, and if the database contains a record with a matching path, the record will be updated.  If the database doesn't contain a record with that path, Pyplate will create a new record using data from the XML file.  If you change a post path or category path in the XML files, Pyplate will regard these records as new entries.  The old database record won't be updated - a new record will be created.  

Creating a new database

The Build button creates a new database generated from the contents of the XML files.  

If you delete records from the XML files and then import the XML files into the database, this will not remove the records that you deleted from the XML files.  They will still be in the database.  One way to remove records from the database is to export your current database to the XML files and delete records from the XML files using a text editor.  Next, click on the Build button.  A new database will be created in /usr/share/pyplate/database/pyplate.db-YYYY.MM.dd-hhmmss.  You can replace the old database with the new one using this command in a terminal:

cd /usr/share/pyplate/database
sudo cp ./pyplate.db-2014.05.17.101903 ./pyplate.db

Note that you should always back up your site before modifying the database.  


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