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What is Pyplate?

Pyplate is a lightweight Content Management System written in Python.

Pyplate was developed on a Raspberry Pi, so it had to be efficient and compact.  I wanted to build a CMS that performs well right out of the box without having to install any plugins.  

Support for SEO friendly URLs and meta data is built-in, so it's easy for search engines to send relevant traffic to your site.

Pyplate's efficient caching mechanism generates static versions of pages that can be served directly from the web root directory.

The admin area in Pyplate is easy to use, and gives easy access to site settings and a simple editor for creating new posts.


Pyplate supports the following features: 

  • dynamic page generation
  • static page generation
  • simple user interface
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • SEO friendly meta-data
  • secure admin login
  • navigation widgets
  • SQLite support
  • One click back up
  • RSS file generation
  • Sitemap generation

 More features coming soon!

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